Seismic Conference and Attendance Shifts You Need to Adopt Now

Recorded On: 01/07/2016

Healthy conferences change. Their organizers adapt to new contexts, society trends and business shifts. Those conferences

that don't change become stale, stagnate and stuck in a rut. Some meeting professionals sense that we are in the midst of

radical change. The kind that only happens one in every decade. While no one is absolutely sure what is ahead, talking about

it allows us to position our conferences for a changing world. Discover some seismic conference and attendance shifts that

your conference needs to adapt and adopt now.

After attending this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe how engagement will drive conference attendance.
  • Explore how investment in conference attendee participation experiences will outweigh investment in production experiences.
  • Identify two to three trends that you should consider and adopt now in your own conference planning

Jeff Hurt

EVP, Education and Engagement

Jeff Hurt joined Velvet Chainsaw Consulting in January 2010 and currently serves as Executive Vice President, Education and Engagement. In 2012, he was recognized as the PCMA Educator of the Year. Jeff has worked in leadership roles with five associations, five government organizations and several companies in the education, events and meetings departments, including Meetings Professionals International and Promotional Products Association International, one of the top 50 shows in the industry.He is considered one of the leading authorities in the meetings industry on adult education, conference design, digital events and social media for events and associations. He speaks and blogs frequently about meeting and technology trends, the future of conference education, adult learning and all things meetings at